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Proprietor & Director: AMAR CHAND NATH, Professional film-maker and photographer. Address: Bulnes # 867, Iquique, Chile.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Some ideas for Documentary films to be made in Chile.

1.       TELETON Foundation: A bliss for disabled.
2.       The Grand Terremoto: many things to learm from Iquique people.

3.       Albacora: The Chilean Huge fish.

4.       Ceviche: The typical food of Peru.

5.       Octopus: As a food

6.       Sea Seals: The tourist marvels of Chile.

7.       Cranes: The most wonderful bird of Chile.

8.       Cavancha Sea beach: The place of multinational gathering in Summer.

1.       Universidad de Estado de Chile UNAP
2.       Esmeralda: The historical ship of Chile.
3.       Paseo Lancha: The tourist attraction of Iquique.
4.       Puerto de Iquique: Where business initiates.
5.       Vehicle business in Iquique.
6.       Festivals of Chile.
7.       Red Lake: The most beautiful location of Chile.
8.       Salitreras: The historical spot of Chile

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