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Proprietor & Director: AMAR CHAND NATH, Professional film-maker and photographer. Address: Bulnes # 867, Iquique, Chile.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Documentary Film Proposal Template

Documentary Film Production
Proposal Format

1.       Name of the Film / Heading
2.       Producer
3.       Responsible person
4.       Goal or intended purpose of the proposed film: to educate / to inform / to persuade / to attack a perspective / to entertain / to defend a perspective / to critique / to observe a real life.
5.       Language : Main and subtitle
6.       Soundtrack and narration : Who and What
7.       Any previous Project (similar)
8.       Distribution plan: TV / Any media / Any corporation/ Etc
9.       Project history or current status of the Project (Treatment)
10.   Historical background or context of the Project
11.   Where will the Project be executed?
12.   When?
13.   Length of work
14.   What instruments will be used?
15.   How many people will work? Details of each person.
16.   How will the Project be funded?
17.   An outline of production Schedule
18.   The Budget in brief
19.   International appeal of the film
20.   Intended audience
21.   Benefits
22.   Why this film?
23.   Why now?
24.   Why these producers?
25.   Who are expected to assist execute the Project? And how?
26.    Conclusion.
27.   Reference: Any book / Any writer / Any person / Any Office / Any website / Etc.

Documentary Film Treatment Template

         Any living object

1.       Name with specis, English name with local name
2.       Where found generally
3.       Color
4.       Weight
5.       Length and width
6.       Furry or no
7.       Structure
8.       Any special or remarkable and visible feature to recognize
9.       Character: (includes the following)
10.   How moves
11.   Lay eggs or give birth
12.   How walks or swims or flies
13.   How eats adult and baby
14.   How reproducts
15.   How sleeps
16.   How relaxes
17.   How oftrn eats, sleeps and relaxes, etc
18.   Importance: Environmental, Ecological and others.
19. Climax Point.

         Any inanimate object

1.       Name with specis, English name with local name
2.       Where found generally origin
3.       Color
4.       Weight
5.       Length and width
6.       Structure
7.       Any special or remarkable and visible feature to recognize
8.       How produced
9.       Ingredients
10.   How produced step by step process
11.   How served
12.   How to eat
13.   How preserved
14.   Cost
15.   Value: Economical and health
16.   Climax point

              Any Historical Object or Place

1.       Name
2.       Where and when happened
3.       Duration: What grade, how much in scale
4.       How started and finished
5.       Result and reaction:
6.       Description during the occurance
7.       Who were affected
8.       Any long term crisis created
9.       How tackled and who tackled
10.   Climax Point

Friday, 13 March 2015

Some ideas for Documentary films to be made in Chile.

1.       TELETON Foundation: A bliss for disabled.
2.       The Grand Terremoto: many things to learm from Iquique people.

3.       Albacora: The Chilean Huge fish.

4.       Ceviche: The typical food of Peru.

5.       Octopus: As a food

6.       Sea Seals: The tourist marvels of Chile.

7.       Cranes: The most wonderful bird of Chile.

8.       Cavancha Sea beach: The place of multinational gathering in Summer.

1.       Universidad de Estado de Chile UNAP
2.       Esmeralda: The historical ship of Chile.
3.       Paseo Lancha: The tourist attraction of Iquique.
4.       Puerto de Iquique: Where business initiates.
5.       Vehicle business in Iquique.
6.       Festivals of Chile.
7.       Red Lake: The most beautiful location of Chile.
8.       Salitreras: The historical spot of Chile

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Latin & Central America and BarindraNath Multimedia.


   Latin & Central America and BarindraNath Multimedia

Introduction: “Nature awaits to unfold her beauty to those who wish to behold it”- goes a wise saying. The term ´Nature´ does not confine itself in plants and flowers only but extends upto social nature, human nature, national and international nature. “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty”- says John Keats, the great romantic poet. This very truth is itself the reality and this reality is the Nature – the exact status of object – both anímate and inanimate. Basically human mind with its unquenchable thirst for unknown beauty keeps his eyes wide open and is always fascinated when confronts the unknown. But is it always possible to carry the hungry eyes from one continent to another to grab the hidden beauty? Possibly ´No´; because the ´wicked´immigration laws donot permit to travel freely like birds. Here lies the function of BarindraNath Multimedia. This Indian company is born to travel from country to country, from continent to continent to satisfy human mind with the unfolded beauty of all ´Nature´ by its profesional activities like photography and documentary film making.

BarindraNath Multimedia - an Overview: With the ethics ´to get pleasure and to share pleasure´ BarindraNath Multimedia is legally born in Post office Road, Dharmanagar, North Tripura, India on 2006. It is a registered unit under the Govt. Of Tripura (Registration No……). The objective of the company includes photography, videography, documentary film making, short film making and stage show presentation. BarindraNath Multimedia has already made several documentary films on local issue of Tripura district. It has also made a three hour cinema that has earned a big reputation and earning. Right now, the company has jumped off its native land and is busy capturing overseas objects for documentary films. The primary goal of BarindraNath Multimedia is to offer máximum pleasure to South and Central American as well as South Asian people by its profesional Works like documentary films, photography, short films and stage presentations. The company is committed to fulfil its objective by exhibitions and televisión channels in these regions. 

What things BarindraNath Multimedia want to capturé: BarindraNath Multimedia is working basically on travel related topics. The company targets undiscovered or semi-discovered spots, social  cultures, food cultures, rituals, festivals, significant events, arceological places, tourist spots, etc. It will never involve itself in polítical or controvercial issues.

What is there in South & Central America: There are hundreds and thousands of things to capture for all classes of foreign tourists in the continent. It is really a gigantic task even not possible to enlist them in one or two pages.However, among them only some important cities and places with fascinating things are most notable. 

In Bolivia: Lapaz, Sucre, Sorata, Yungas Road, Madidi National park, Oruro carnaval, Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, etc.

In Peru: Lima with her mighty beach, Chan Chan, Iquitos (Amazan river), Nazca Lines, Uros Islands, Machu Pacchu, Plaza de Armas, etc.

In Chile: Red Lake, Cavancha sea beach of Iquique, Cerro San Cristobal, Valparaiso, San Rafael Glacier, Los Panguinos natural monument,  Pucon, Lauca National Park, Easter Island, etc.

In Argentina: Ibera Wetlands, Ushuaia, Mendoza Wine regions, La Boca, Iguazu Falls, etc.And unlimited places.

BarindraNath Multimedia involved with international network: BarindraNath Multimedia is still a baby company that aspires to extend its wings globally. It has already got membership from Central Indian Photographic Council, Madhya Prodesh, India and Dhaka Photgraphic Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is trying to get membership from PSA, Photgraphic Society of América. It is expected that BarindraNath Multimedia will get various memberships from global associations.However, BarindraNath Multimedia has a hub of honorable advisors from many countries like USA, UK, France, Chile, Bolivia, India and Bangladesh.

What BarindraNath Multimedia requires now: One may initiate a big plan but for the improvement, extension and excellence one needs the active assistance from around. Since.... is an Indian company, it is absolutely new in South American region. It requires generous assistance from Ministry of Tourism and Culture. It also requires help from security dept. to avoid any unknown risks. Above all, it badly requires hearty co-operation from people for its ful-pleged upliftment.

How BarindraNath Multimedia may help tourism industry: Tourism is now a days a fast growing industry in every country that earns a huge amount of revenue from overseas tourists and business people every year. Foreigners always want to visit the unknown and undiscovered in any country they want to step. BarindraNath Multimedia is committed to constantly capture the unknown and undiscovered to deliver to prospectivey visitors by its profesional activities. Thus BarindraNath Multimedia may become an invisible liason factor between South &Central América and South Asían people. Undoubtedly BarindraNath Multimedia will benefit the tourism sector of the región.

Conclusión: Before planning an adventurous company BarindraNath Multimedia´s owner has forseen about the geographical barriers that will stand on the way to go through his profesional works. Since, the company is born and is on the way to flourish, it will never stop provided the related authorities both national and international generously assist it. BarindraNath Multimedia desparately follows the world famous victorian poet Lord Tennyson who in his famous poem Ulysses writes, "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield".